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Salem Shukri Al Attas found solace in words and poetry from a very young age and after hearing about a poetry open mic in university in 2012 and realized his love for the stage and the art. He found a home and a family in the poets of the UAE and never could leave. Salem then went on to hold titles and championships and was soon well known in the UAE's poetry scene. 


Al Attas is the first Emirati slam Poet, now six time Rooftop Rhythms slam champion and former Rooftop Rythms Grand slam champion. As a patriotic Emirati, and a passionate english poet, Salem has slowly become an inspiration to aspiring Emirati artists afraid to venture off into a field that was not before explored by our Emirati fathers. 


He has represented the UAE in Washington DC through the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington as well in Houston Texas Through Write about Now poetry and in Kuwait through Word Of Mouth poetry. Al Attas has always been keen on supporting and helping younger artists and give them a safe space to express and explore their art. 


He has given public speaking workshops and poetry writing workshops for the American Community School and Theodore Monod School as well as ADNOC Onshore.


 Al Attas has also done voice over work for the “Special Olympics Opening Ceremony” and a Vice documentary where he was also the correspondent as well as being featured in many magazines and newspapers including the world renowned Vogue (Arabia) magazine. Al Attas is most importantly a big fan of shawarmas.

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